The prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic is unlikely to have subsided by the time of the WVA Camp in Jan 2022. If OAC and/or the Camp Directors believe that running the Camp may pose a risk the health or safety of the Campers, Team members, or local communities, the Camp will be cancelled, and fees refunded or transferred to the next Camp to run.

Due to the rapid rate of change to conditions during the pandemic, we have chosen to leave the possibility of cancellation open right up to a few days before Camp.

Team members should be aware that gathering with other people, even with precautions, may lead to an increased risk of infection in a pandemic. By registering and attending WVA Camp you are accepting any additional risk that may be associated with COVID-19.

As part of OAC’s response to the pandemic, Campers or Team members fitting any of the following conditions will NOT be allowed to attend WVA Camp and MUST contact WVA as soon as they become aware of the issue in the 14 days prior to Camp:

  • symptoms of COVID-19,
  • having been in direct contact with any infected person, a primary contact, or visited known exposure sites in the 14 days prior to Camp,
  • having travelled overseas or been in close contact with an international traveller in the 14 days prior to Camp,

UNLESS – they have a negative COVID test result from within 3 days of the start of Camp.

In the event of a confirmed case at/during the WVA Camp, we will follow government authority’s advice.

By marking agreement on the registration form as a Team member for the WVA Camp, I confirm that:
I have read and understand the possibility of cancellation due to COVID-19,
I agree to meet the conditions mentioned in the COVID Information above in regards to attending,
I understand the additional risks of the pandemic, and I indemnify and hold OAC Ministries and its representatives harmless for any infection, transmission, or health issues relating to COVID-19 at or following the WVA Camp.