Queensland 2023

COVID-19 restrictions are no longer in force throughout Queensland, however the virus still exists in the community and has the potential to escalate. If the government restrictions should change, or if OAC and/or the camp directors believe that running the camp may pose a risk the health or safety of the campers, team members, or local communities, additional measures will be taken to ensure the safety of all participants. In the very unlikely event that the camp is cancelled, and fees refunded or transferred to the next camp to run.

Campers and their parents/guardian’s should be aware that gathering with other people, even with precautions, may lead to an increased risk of infection. By registering and attending WVA camp you are accepting any additional risk that may be associated with COVID-19.

In line with current Queensland heath advice, campers or team members who test positive to COVID-19 are advised “to take action to reduce the risk of transmission”. To assist with this, the camp will have a supply of masks and hand sanitizer available for anyone experiencing symptoms.

In the event of a confirmed case at/during the WVA Camp, we will follow government authority’s advice.

By marking agreement on the registration form as a Team member for the WVA Camp, I confirm that:
I have read and understand the possibility of cancellation due to COVID-19,
I agree to meet the conditions mentioned in the COVID Information above in regards to attending,
I understand the additional risks of the pandemic, and I indemnify and hold OAC Ministries and its representatives harmless for any infection, transmission, or health issues relating to COVID-19 at or following the WVA Camp.