Worldview Australia

We train young Christians to think and live with a Biblical worldview.

Explore what we mean, how we know it’s true, and what difference it makes in life. 

Worldview Australia (WVA) is a collection of events and materials from OAC Ministries which harnesses the skills, experience, and passion of OAC’s staff, volunteers, and key partnering organisations. Through WVA we aim to see young christians challenged and encouraged in their faith as they come to understand and live with Godly worldview.

“It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever been on. Just go. It’s one of the most amazing 5 days spiritually.”

Peyton – 16yo

Topics explored during Worldview

      Ideas have consequences
      Gospel Foundations
      Pop culture
      Comparing Christianity and other worldviews
      The nature of God & man
      Reliability of Scripture
      Creation vs. Evolution
      Biblical morality
      Biblical basis for law and justice
      Servant leadership
      Leadership practicum
     ​ Spheres of influence


Worldview Camp

​6 Days, 6 speakers, 25 hours of lively lectures. Small group activities & discussions.

Learn servant leadership, apologetics, outreach, and comparative worldviews in an environment that encourages questions, thoughtfulness, good humour, & lifelong friends. 

Worldview WA

Worldview Queensland

Worldview Family Camp

The same Biblical thinking of Worldview Australia into an all-age setting, with a good balance of interactive creative teaching, fun, time to relax.

Worlview Family Camp WA