Worldview Australia

We train young Christians to think and live with a Biblical worldview.

Explore what we mean, how we know it’s true, and what difference it makes in life. 

  • ​6 Days, 6 speakers, 25 hours of lively lectures.
  • Small group activities & discussions.
  • Learn servant leadership, apologetics, outreach, and comparative worldviews in an environment that encourages questions, thoughtfulness, good humour, & lifelong friends. 

Who: Years 9-12 (current year of school 2022)
When: 15th – 20th January 2023
Where: Camp Wattle Grove, 59 Kelvin Road, Wattle Grove, Western Australia. 
Cost: $600 ($550 Alumni discount) or $460 with a HCC.
Sponsorship options available, contact us for more information.

COVID19: If camp is postponed, you will receive a full refund or transfer of fees to the next scheduled camp. 

Registrations not Open
When you register you will receive an email confirmation. Then you will receive an email in the first week of December with detailed camp information.
If you are in need of financial support to come on camp, then you can apply for a sponsorship.

Topics explored during Worldview –
      Ideas have consequences
      Gospel Foundations
      Pop culture
      Comparing Christianity and other worldviews
      The nature of God & man
      Reliability of Scripture
      Creation vs. Evolution
      Biblical morality
      Biblical basis for law and justice
      Servant leadership
      Leadership practicum
     ​ Spheres of influence