WA Church Groups

Encouraging Congregations with Gospel presentations, apologetics, and assisting with outreaches.  


Camps are still the most effective way to fast-track understanding, faith, and relationships. A fresh voice, a prolonged examination of the topic, active learning in a community environment. 
Core Stuff takes a good look at the foundations of the Good News, to increase motivation for outreach. 
Bundles combine for a local “Contact Week” of presentations in all the different local forums – schools, home groups, after-meal speeches, family nights, youth events, special services, invitation events. This way everyone gets talking about the same theme for a week or so, catalysing each other further. ​


OAC Ministries has insights gained from over 125 years of innovative and bold outreach, in Australia and Internationally. We serve churches, other para-church agencies, and colleges.

Good Ways to present the Good News.
– Preparation and presentation skills/tools 
– Active learning modes​, eg. art, games, stories, symbols, object lessons, etc. 
– Storyboarding presentations, for content, & multi-mode learning methods
– Resourcesbooks, alliances with other good organisations.


Life Sharing A training series forged from the beginning stages of Cheers Neighbours’ Network, this series helps people contact, connect, communicate, & continue with their communities.

Workshop your outreach to suit the situation you live in, to bless and benefit your world and beyond. 
BOOST A series of one-day intensives, one per term over 2 years, emerging from discipling young people over the years, BOOST develops students from Core Stuff foundations, > to faith building core practices, Bible study > to leading groups, > to developing ministries, > to outreach, > to training others, > until they can eventually go and start all over with others elsewhere. 

WORLDVIEW AUSTRALIA Leadership Camp A weeklong summer school for high-schoolers to consolidate a Christian Worldview, and enable them to relate effectively with people from other worldviews.

​ A Conversation is a good start: Contact Geoff here.

Prayer is critical to the spiritual impact of these Outreach and Church Ministries​. If you know something about principalities, powers, strongholds and spiritual warfare, and would like to be on the prayer support team, you can contact us about that.