Geoff has been a specialist in outreach for kids, youth and adults with OAC since 1997.

With OAC Geoff tends to focus on presenting at adventure and family camps, retreats, gatherings at homes and farms, speaking and training in churches, and providing education about the basics of the Christian faith in educational settings

Geoff Westlake

“Jesus makes so much sense of life that He’s just too good to keep to myself. I enjoy upper-primary, secondary schoolers, and adults who actively think about their lives, who they are, where they’re going, what life’s about. At camps, retreats and series we offer opportunities to really think, pray, and grow. I personally tend to communicate through concept-maps with a whiteboard or data projection, and using images, stories, object lessons, active learning, and Q&A sessions.” Geoff

Rob Adams


Rob has been an OAC worker since the 1970’s, refining his outreach methods and sharing his skills ever since.

Communicating Christianity to children is Rob’s area of speciality. Rob enjoys presenting at primary and high schools, camps, kids clubs, family nights, and special Church events.

Rob’s passion for children’s ministry also leads him focus on training people and providing resources for others with a similar focus.

“My favourite audiences are primary aged kids – schools, camps, anywhere. I love well told stories, object lessons, and fun games that support the important underlying message. I have a strong sense of God’s calling me into this type of ministry. The outward signs are also a signpost pointing to this being the right place for me.”Rob

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