Camps are a great way to fast track understanding of Christian worldview and living. OAC’s staff in WA speak at camps for primary, youth and adult audiences, and even all-ages together. They speak on gospel topics for schools, churches, and para-churches.

We speak at camps for primary, youth and adult audiences, and even all-ages together. Camps are a great way to quickly learn the Christian life and worldview.

Worldview Australia is a 6-day academy camp for students in years 9-12, to consolidate and clarify their Christian Worldview. Visit worldviewaustralia.org for more information!

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WA staff have been presenting RE incursions for both government and non-government schools since the 1980’s. Some “Special Religious Education” seminars explain for you what Christians believe and why. Others provide “Christian Values” focusing on particular values & life skills, and explaining them from the Christian point of view.

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We can assist churches in teaching, outreach, or discipleship training. Gospel presenters for services, camps, youth groups, holiday clubs, special dinners, and series.

You could bundle a teaching series with other groups in the community to have locals throughout the community considering Jesus at the same time.

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An ordained Baptist minister joined OAC in 1997, and presents at schools, churches, homes, farms, and camps for youth, families, & adults. He centres on the basics of the Christian faith in educational ways. He loves a good summary diagram, image, story, object lesson.

“Jesus makes so much sense, He’s just too good to keep to myself. I love thinkers wondering about life -what it means, how we know, and the difference it makes. I love introducing good coherent answers.” –Geoff

You can learn more about Geoff and what he does at geoffwestlake.com


Rob is an OAC volunteer again (as he was in the 1970’s) – after 4 decades on OAC staff! He started the WA branch in the 80’s, and has presented in government schools all over WA and Singapore, as well as at camps, kids clubs, family nights and special events. And he loves to equip others.

“My favourite audiences are primary aged kids – schools, camps, anywhere. I love well told stories, object lessons, and fun games that support the important underlying message.” – Rob


Pippa is our casual, local administrator, who mainly organises our Worldview Australia camp.

“I have been on over 50 Camps in my life, and this has to be one of the best. It taught me how to properly read and understand the Bible, and gave me the tools and experience to share what I have learnt with others.’” – Pippa