OAC Ministries depends on the generous financial support of those who value what we do. We work hard to ensure that funds given are carefully stewarded to maximise the impact for gospel work. Every donation is used to support our staff, efficiently administer the organisation, and to provide the resources and equipment used in ministry.

Beyond these needs, we are always searching to develop new opportunities in new places to share the Good News. The extent to which OAC can explore and develop these new opportunities is dependant on the resources that are available.

To give to one of our branches, please select one of the links below


We believe that everything we do for God needs to be continually committed to Him through prayer. If you are able, please pray for all aspects of OAC’s work in communicating the Gospel.

If you would like to receive specific prayer points from any of the branches, please contact that branch and the staff will gladly add you to their mailing lists.


One way of providing for the ministry of OAC is to arrange a bequest to the ministry. These funds can assist us by contributing to the ongoing work of the ministry.

A suggested form of bequest would be: 

I give and bequeath to OAC Ministries (Australia) Limited (ACN 000 275 829) of 9-11 Highview Road in the suburb of Doncaster Heights in the State of Victoria <specify amount or percentage of your Estate> to be paid, free of all probate and death duties and without creating any legal obligation. I express the wish that this bequest be used for the purpose of the <nominate branch or division> and I also declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other appropriate Officer for the time being of OAC Ministries (Australia) Limited shall be a complete discharge of my Executors for the moneys paid in accordance with this bequest. 

If preparing material for publication regarding bequests it would be worth obtaining legal clarification of the suitability of the above wording.