Schools remain a priority for ministry in SA. As well as regular assemblies at Easter and Christmas time, we offer a range of programs throughout the year. Many of these are values based, and mesh well with Education Department requirements. In addition, Gayle and a local team conduct Christian Option Programs, a 3 week in-class experience for upper-Primary students.


Rob conducts “Creative Communication” seminars for children’s workers enabling them to teach more engagingly and creatively. A range of topics can be chosen covering both practical (such as “The Art of Storytelling”, “Magical Object Lessons”, “Making Memory Verses Memorable”) and principle (such as “Communicating With Kids”, “Control or Chaos”, “Leading a Child to Christ”).

Rob also provides “Creative Evangelism” seminars for churches and theological colleges which are designed to help people share their faith effectively. Rob is the author of a series of four booklets called “Tongue-Tied About the Gospel?” containing ideas and methods of sharing the Gospel.


Rob has ministered in all Australian States and in many countries all over the world. He is a frequent seminar and church camp speaker in Singapore and other South East Asian and Pacific nations. Rob regularly fills the pulpit in many churches in and around Adelaide where his Bible based preaching is highly appreciated.


Rob & Gayle George

Rob began as a volunteer with OAC in 1972, and has been on staff since 1985. Rob is the current Australian National Director and former OAC International President (2012-2020).

“I love preaching in the open air to large, attentive crowds, as sometimes (but certainly not always) happens in various countries. Once, in Kenya, at a night film meeting with over 400 people there, you could have heard a pin drop! The “holy hush” as some have described it. Most recently this occurred for me in Lima, Peru with over 200 at an afternoon meeting (below photo).

Great visuals enliven any presentation. The fluorescent light and paints for night open airs is especially good, as is an intriguing magic trick that packs a powerful message. Also, knowing your audience, to adapt the presentation to their level of understanding.” – Rob

Despite not being a formal staff member of OAC, Gayle is an incredibly hard working member of the team in South Australia. Alongside her dedicated team of volunteers, Gayle creates and presents key concepts of Christianity in educational settings.

Over the years, Gayle’s various characters of Chloe the clown and the Nutty Professor have been a highlight. Gayle’s passion and energy to clearly communicate the Good News is evident in her dedication to the ministry.