If I put you on the spot right now
and asked you to share your faith with a non-Christian,
how would you do?

Does the idea make you nervous?

Are you sure about what needs to be communicated?

Can you explain what you believe without a lot of jargon or theological pre-understandings?

You’re not alone. Most Christians would struggle, and yet, we are all called to share what Jesus has done. Matthew 28:18-20 gives clear orders for us to follow. What we need is training.

“Communicating Christ Clearly” is a basic evangelism course designed to train any believer in the basics of gospel ministry. Our hope is that every Christian would know how they can speak to those around them about Jesus and share the eternity altering message of the gospel. Of course, the benefit to the church, is that we then see new believers and the church grows through conversions.

The course covers:

  • The Great Commission and our call to go and make disciples
  • What is the gospel?
  • How to get into a gospel conversation
  • How to communicate the gospel message
  • Use of analogies and avoiding jargon
  • How to help someone respond to the good news

Knowing that every church has existing programs, we are happy to flex the program to suit what a particular church can manage. The ideal delivery format for the course is a Sunday sermon on the great commission which encourages people to attend the course, followed by 3 x 2 hour blocks over a couple of weeks, though it has been run as a 1 day intensive. The sessions are interactive and involve role-playing and opportunities to practice what they are learning. There is a workbook to complete as well as small homework assignments between sessions.

For a video introduction to the course, please see the above video

If you would like to know more, please contact OAC Queensland.

Want a letter you can give to your pastor to tell them about the course? You can download one here!

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