Much of the work of OAC in Queensland focusses on street evangelism – going out into the public space and seeking to engage complete strangers in the gospel. Through this approach, thousands of people each year have heard the Christian message and been challenged to consider where they will spend eternity. It can initially be a scary way to do evangelism, but we have found that with a bit of experience, most people enjoy sharing their faith out on the street. This approach allows us to reach multitudes of people who might otherwise have no Christian witness in their life. While we do not see many people that we talk to again, we do know of some people that God has saved and who have gone on to a strong walk with Jesus.

If you would like to learn more about street evangelism and how you and your church might get involved, please contact us at the Queensland branch and we would be happy to help you get started. If you would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer to serve with OAC in street evangelism, see the section on volunteering below.


OAC Queensland conducts training in basic evangelistic techniques that can be used in a wide range of scenarios. It is not just training people to do street work, but rather equipping every believer to do what God has called us to do.

OAC will come to your church to run a course or we can also offer online training for groups who are too far away to do training in person.

Learn more about the training course we run.


OAC in Queensland can provide a trained presenter for a variety of formats including Sunday services, Christian camps, school chapel services or even special events. The message can be evangelistic/ apologetic or on the topic of evangelism and our mission to reach the lost. We speak to small groups and large events.

To enquire about how OAC might serve your church, school or event, please contact us.


Andrew & Catherine Walkington

Andrew has been on staff with OAC in Queensland since April 2018. Having been saved out of an atheistic upbringing, he has a deep passion for evangelism and for training others to share their faith effectively.

He has served in vocational ministry since 2007 in both missions and pastoral work and holds a MDiv from Melbourne School of Theology. He is married to Catherine and together they have 4 children.

Catherine also served as a missionary from 2007 to late 2009 before an extended season of being a full-time mum. With the kids now all at school, she joined the Queensland team part-time in October 2021. She does street evangelism, looks after volunteers, and helps train interns!

You can read Andrew’s testimony

Sean Marsh

Sean joined the OAC Queensland team in October 2022. He became a Christian in his early twenties thanks to the faithful prayers of his boss at the time. God called him into prison ministry over seven years ago, where his passion for evangelism became truly realised. Sean has faithfully served in three correctional centres in South East Queensland and is currently serving in Borallon Correctional Centre. “I love going to jail and sharing my faith and listening to the concerns of those who have made some poor life choices”.

Sean is a former Community and Evangelism Pastor. He holds a BMin from Malyon Theological College, amongst several other evangelism courses and is currently enrolled at Biola University in a Graduate Certificate in Christian Apologetics. He has a passion for sharing his faith with family and friends and enjoys encouraging other Christians to do likewise. Sean has been married to his wonderful wife Gina for over twenty-five years has two adult daughters, and a Rottweiler, Coco, who has semi-filled the void of the empty nest.

Andrew McLauchlan

Andrew began as a part-time intern with OAC in January 2023 after volunteering for eighteen months. Having been converted from a postmodern worldview to Christianity on December 2017, he now has a passion to share about the God who saved him and the wonderful hope that he now has. Andrew is working to complete a Bachelor of Theology at Brisbane School of Theology.


The ministry in Queensland is growing through the involvement of a growing team of volunteers who go to the streets, assist in training events and help keep the ministry functioning. They are an essential part of how we operate and we are thrilled to see many of them committed to reaching people for Jesus. Doing evangelism as a team is far better! It’s less scary when you have brothers and sisters with you, and it’s always encouraging to know that your team mates are there to help if you get stumped by a tricky question.

Have you considered doing evangelism as a part of a team? To learn more about why you should become a volunteer, contact the Queensland branch and to become a volunteer, apply here:


OAC in Queensland is keen to find people who are passionate about reaching the lost who might want to make this their career. Whether this is full-time or part-time, whether ministry is the plan for a season or for long-term, we’d love to chat with you about whether an internship is a good fit for you.

An internship usually lasts for 1 year where you will be exposed to ministry, receive some dedicated training and mentoring and have the opportunity to discern whether this is the right calling for you. To learn more about how an internship might suit you, please contact us and we can arrange to discuss this with you.

Internship Information Sheet.