OAC Ministries specialises in presenting the story of God as shown in the Bible, focusing on God’s desire to connect with and restore people to Himself through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Our presentations are:

  • fun
  • interactive
  • engaging
  • adaptable to a variety of settings
  • suitable for diverse groups
  • given to a range of ages
  • inclusive of the main elements of the Christian faith

These presentations can have a performance orientation or a focus on teaching, depending on the needs of the specific situation. Therefore, our services could be classed as a show, concert, seminar, workshop, or program.

The setting determines the content, style and method of presentation. These presentations are often given in schools, churches, and at camps.


Each year, thousands of people throughout Australia are reached with the gospel through OAC Ministries.

During holiday seasons, OAC teams present the Good News  in caravan parks, on beaches, at holiday clubs and campsites, employing a wide range of creative techniques. Children and families hear the Good News through puppets, music, sketchboard stories, object lessons, Bible verse memory games and much, much more.

Presentations of the Good News shared in Good Ways on the streets and open air can be a blessing to the public. Whether it be a simple tract table where personal conversations occur, or using puppets or sketch-boards to draw and hold a crowd, we try to be both clear and sensitive to the situation.

OAC Ministries can help local churches with the overall process of contactingconnecting and communicating the core message of Christianity. We want to equip and empower local people to reach others in their community. This can be done through OACM teams cooperating with your continuing ministries, presenting the outreach, or training your people to do it.

Different staff have different strengths for engaging: children, youth, adults, seniors, and/or all ages together. Contact us for ideas.


We provide training workshops, seminars, and short courses on evangelism, and related skills. OAC Ministries also provides opportunities for people to learn various elements of ministry while working alongside our team. This provides ongoing feedback and coaching for the participant.

Recovering the art of conversation and lovingly, intentionally sharing Christ with our friends and neighbours. This training has been designed by OAC Ministries to help people share the good news of Jesus. It is about learning to share your life with people and having meaningful conversations over time.

We can help you to communicate the Christian message with contemporary Australians.

OAC Ministries provides practical training in various elements of teaching; including drama, sketching, puppetry, object lessons and much more.


Each year, by invitation, teams from OAC Ministries visit many Primary and Secondary Schools across Australia. Creative and active techniques are used to communicate the messages to the students. These include games, object lessons, custom made computer games, puppetry, drama, music and creative storytelling.

These special Christian education programs are at the invitation of the school. The presentations can be used to complement existing programs or as standalone presentations for schools that have no existing Christian Education.

The values taught from a Christian perspective, are consistent with those referenced in state guidelines for values education and will complement your school’s existing values programs. Use the RE seminars to reinforce these keys to positive interpersonal relationships and civic responsibility.

Our Educational Ethics commitment.

Why RE in secular schools?


Engaging and clear presentations by OAC staff at special church events and services assist churches in reaching people with the life changing message of the Gospel. This could be for a particular outreach event such as a men’s breakfast, ladies coffee night, youth group, or special children’s program. It is generally a preference to give a series of presentations such as consecutive coffee shops or outreach dinners, a camp, or a children’s holiday program running over five days. The engaging, fun nature of these presentations makes them suitable for all ages, either in their separate groups, or with all generations in together.

These presentations are ideal for:

  • Outreach events
  • Church services
  • Children’s programs
  • Holiday clubs
  • Youth groups

We can also create bundles to suit your church’s needs, including training and a range of presentations.


OAC Ministries can resource camp-organisers with presenters for children’s, youth or family camps. The engaging, fun nature of the these presentations makes them suitable for all ages, either in their separate groups or with all generations in together. The presentations given by the OAC staff can be tailored to the specific theme of the camp. Our aim is present clearly and model faith up close.