Before the group of Christians, committed to making Jesus known to Australians, adopted the name “O.A.C.” a key part of their work was coming together to pray for that purpose. So much so that early on OAC was known as the “NSW Evangelistic Prayer Band”.

May we never forgot that direct and personal interaction with God is a core element of OAC’s identity. If you are someone willing and able to pray for the work going on across the country, please contact us to learn more about receiving prayer and news updates from specific branches.

For more general matters, please find notes below on things you can be praying with us.


OAC Ministries is the culmination of more than a century of faithfulness, both from men and women who have followed a calling, but even more significantly from God who has been behind every little thing from the beginning until today. We never want to stop being thankful for what God has done for us, from the Good News we spread through to His willingness to use us in spreading it. And we believe that by putting thankfulness to Him and what He does (and has done) before all else, then it becomes far easier to focus on Him every step of the way.

Thank God for His immovable faithfulness. That He allows us to represent Him, and that He is constantly providing and working through us to bring His message to others.


It is clear from the examples set by Jesus that when we represent Him, even in instances of boldness, we need to do so with humility. Not just as a matter of caution, but as a deliberate approach to selflessness in all we do.

The need to pursue humility in communicating the gospel has not been more necessary than in modern day Australia.

Pray for humility for OAC. From our individual workers as they personally interact, through to our leadership in every decision and mindset.