Each year, thousands of people throughout Australia are reached with the gospel through OAC Ministries.

OAC Ministries staff are available to speak at camps to explain the core of Christianity in a fun and interesting way.

We can present a series of messages for your outreach program, be it weekly, daily, or a retreat. Series build a cumulative picture, and therefore a more thorough understanding of the faith.

During the holiday season, we present the Good News  in caravan parks, on beaches, at holiday clubs and campsites. OAC Ministries teams employ a wide range of creative techniques. Children and families hear the good news through puppets, music, sketchboard stories, object lessons, Bible verse memory games and much, much more.

At some locations open air presentations of the Good News in Good Ways can be a blessing to the general public. Whether it be a simple tract table with personal conversations, or using puppets or sketch-boards to draw on hold a crowd, we try to be both clear and sensitive to the situation. Sometimes we just need to be taking it to the streets.

OAC Ministries can help local churches with the overall process of contactingconnecting and communicating the core message of Christianity. We want to equip and empower local people to reach others in their community. This can be done through OACM teams cooperating with your continuing ministries, presenting the outreach, or training your people to do it.

Different staff have different strengths for engaging: children, youth, adults, seniors, and/or all ages together. Contact us for ideas.