More Info – Kids and Teen Programs

This page provides some additional information and links for parents, guardians, and participants of kids or teen programs run by OAC Ministries.

Our Team Members

All of our Team Members are screened and trained to safely interact with children and teens and to create environments conducive to personal growth, learning, and healthy relationships. Learn more about our approach to protecting children and our Code of Conduct using the button on the right.

Program Content

The majority of the material performed, presented, and explored in OAC programs has been created by staff and volunteers of OAC Ministries! We encourage Team Members to personalise material to fit the situation (within reason) and sometimes entirely new material is borne of late night practice sessions as the Team strives to continually improve the content of programs.

Complaints or Feedback

If you have any urgent complaints or concerns, please speak to a Team Member in person so that it can be handled swiftly.

If you have a complaint or feedback (positive or constructive) please use the button to the right to complete a form.

We do read, assess, and if relevant, take action for every form submitted.

You can complete the form anonymously but please keep in mind that in some instances being able to contact you and ask for more information may assist in understanding and taking action.