The OAC Ministries Creative Children’s Seminar is coming! This is a fantastic training day for people who are involved with Children’s ministry who are looking for new techniques and teaching ideas.

It’s happening on the 1st of August, at Diamond Valley Baptist Church from 9:15am until 3:30pm

Early Bird Prices (close 14 July)
Adult   $30
Student/Pensioner  $20
Team Rate (minimum of 5)*   $22
Regular Prices
Adult  $40
Student/Pensioner  $30
Team Rate (Minimum of 5)*   $32
Optional Lunch  $6
Follow this link to register on line

CCMS Brochure 2015 to download a pdf brochure

OAC Ministries would love you to  come along to develop and enhance your teaching skills while encouraging and fellowship with others interested in teaching  children creatively.

All CRE teachers please note that due to new legislative requirements ACCESS Ministries will no longer accredit electives at this seminar for CRE teachers.  Attendance will not meet annual PD requirements for CRE teachers (SRI).

Detailed information on keynote and electives
Maintaining the Passion
Rob George
Maintaining the passion and enthusiasm for children’s ministry is not always easy. This session will give some ideas to prevent “burn-out” and keep you motivated for the long haul.

Session 1
10.50 – 12.10pm
Elective 1A
Children and Evangelism
Rob George
This is an interactive elective where we explore the Why and How of reaching children. The importance of children’s ministry and evangelism is often overlooked in the life of the church.

Elective 1B
Puppets for One
Lyall Morris
You can use puppets when you are on your own, without having to be a master ventriloquist.  Each participant will practice using a puppet. You will learn and practice the basic skills of puppet manipulation, including entering and exiting, lip synchronisation, positioning etc.  There will be puppets for sale on the day.

Elective 1C
The First 20 Minutes
Phil Day
Are children engaged or just waiting to leave.  Ideas to help your children be more engaged in our celebrations of worship.
An older primary-aged boy playing a hand held game in the back row during the praise and thanksgiving … engaged or not engaged? Skilling parents to make that judgement and helping them to understand the principles of connecting a child from an early age into the culture of the wider faith gathering will help ensure a child is not lost at that time of transition when, “Kids church is for kids and whatever that is, well, that’s for adults! I don’t want to go!”

Elective 1D
Understanding and teaching the whole Bible
Sharmini Kumar
The Bible is a collection of books which often confuses the adults who teach it, which makes it difficult to then teach it to children. In this session will provide frameworks for seeing the whole Bible in context, helping us to see God’s ongoing self-revelation culminating in Jesus Christ. Sharmini will give us strategies to teach the bible to children, to help them (and us) know God better from these texts.

Session 2
1.15 – 2.20pm
Elective 2A
Counselling and Nurture
Rob George
Counselling and Nurture is an overview of the privilege of leading children to the Saviour. Practical guidelines to assist in this all-important task of inviting a child’s response, and then the process of counselling. Also includes basic pointers regarding nurture and discipleship.

Elective 2B
Extreme behaviours
Leon Bell
Do you have to work with children that have serious “meltdowns’?   This session will give you some strategies to try to cater for any child when they experience really challenging behaviours in your SRI class or in your church.

Elective 2C
Ministry and Mission – Getting the flavour right
Phil Day
There are at least nine essential ingredients for growing the right ‘vibe’ in any mission, ministry or team.  Learn how to get the ‘flavour’ right in your own ministry context. We sometimes wonder why some mission/ministry teams seem to jell and others just don’t seem to work. It’s a combination of things. Sometimes the culture of our teams need to change. Find out what these things are and how to cultivate necessary changes. At the same time, some things are worth recognising as helpful and good. These are worth celebrating and strengthening.

Elective 2D
Simple sketching made easy
Alison Gaskell
People who claim to have no artistic talent can learn to sketch in simple and fun ways to illustrate their teaching, includes simple scenes, stick figures and more. This is a hands-on elective. Each participant will discover, develop and gain confidence in their sketching ability. Prepare to be amazed.

Session 3
2.25 – 3.30pm 

Elective 3A
Teaching Bible truths
Rob George
Teaching Bible Truths is all about big words made small! Doctrine can seem unintelligible and dull. Tips on presenting the truths of Scripture in a way kids understand and enjoy, and on the use of good questioning techniques.

Elective 3B
Powerful learning
Leon Bell
The way children learn is changing.  What are the latest trends in the way children learn in our schools?  How can we apply these strategies to our SRI or church ministry?

Elective 3C
Drama Toolbox
Lyall Morris
Improve your drama skills, and learn strategies on how to get children involved in and excited about drama.

Elective 3D
Engaging Visuals
Alison Gaskell
How to use easy, effective, eye catching visuals in your ministry. We all learn so much through what we see. We will explore a whole range of bright and innovative ideas, with a selection of resources to draw on.