Welcome to the Victorian branch of OAC Ministries! 

In Victoria, our ministry focuses on Senior’s Ministry, Children’s outreach, Training Churches and individuals, holiday Missions, Open Air outreach, and working to develop our teams of volunteers.



Applications for Easter Missions 2019 are open!

If you would like to volunteer, please follow the link below and apply to come along.





2015 Barham Murray Haven #3Merv Jensen

These days I love sharing the Good News with Seniors in any setting.

Singalongs, Fantastic Picture Presentations, Sharing ‘Life Interests’ stories that lead into the Gospel.

My passion is to share the Gospel simply with people who need to hear.





Steve Stokes

I like working with primary kids, and campers, well basically anyone who’ll laugh at my jokes. And training young adults.

I prefer using gospel illusions, sketching, games, stories and dramas. Multimedia is not data-projections, but using many ‘mediums’ (media) in the one presentation. 

And I do it that God will get the honour and worship He deserves from more people.  





We also have groups of brilliant volunteers who conduct outreach programs in holiday parks and for churches. Our staff help, organise, and train, but these outreaches couldn’t happen without the V-Team!













Contact Us

Phone: (03) 9840 1144
Postal Address: PO Box 4499, Doncaster Heights VIC 3109
Email: vic@oac.org.au