Prayer Requests for OAC Ministries in Queensland

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.. .. August – September 2013 .. ..

Sunday 18th August
Pray for safety for Wes & Roger as they drive to Goondiwindi this afternoon.

Monday 19th August
Pray for Wes & Roger today as they do Religious Education presentations at Bungunya and Thallon schools, then drive on to Dirranbandi to spend the night with friends.

Tuesday 20th August
Today Roger and Wes have an early start, driving to Hebel school on the NSW border and then back north to Bollon School. Pray for clear presentation of the gospel message. Pray too for safety on the roads as today will see them on unsealed roads for about an hour, then a 2 hour drive west into the afternoon sun to Cunnamulla.

Wednesday 21st August
Wes & Roger have another early start today with school presentations at Eulo, Cunnamulla and Wyandra. Pray that their presentations will engage the kids and help them understand the message of Jesus. Tonight they will meet with people in Charleville finalising plans for a holiday program there next month.

Thursday 22nd August
Pray for Roger & Wes today as they start in Charleville then drive to Augathella and Mungallala for school presentations and spend the night in Mitchell. Pray for effective ministry to students and the staff in the schools.

Friday 23rd August
Today Wes and Roger will be in Dunkeld, Begonia and Mitchell State Schools. Pray that they will stay fresh and effective in their presentations after a fairly full week of schools and driving.

Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th August
Pray that Wes and Roger will get some good rest and refreshing as they spend time with friends in Roma this weekend. Pray too for their wives, Di and Margaret, back at home.

Monday 26th August
Today Roger & Wes have a presentation with several hundred students at Roma Junior Campus. Then they head east for presentations at Wallumbilla and Yuleba State Schools.

Tuesday 27th August
Pray for Wes & Roger today as they visit three more small schools at Hannaford, Meandarra and Glenmorgan. These are all schools that have no regular R.E. teaching, so pray that the kids will remember important things from the presentations.

Wednesday 28th August
Today Roger and Wes will be visiting two small isolated schools at Teelba and Lundavra. (Don’t worry if you don’t know those towns – there are no towns, just the schools.) They will be driving over some rough unsealed roads, but more importantly they will aiming to present a clear, engaging message about Jesus to the kids in these schools. Please pray for them. They spend the night tonight on a farm outside Goondiwindi.

Thursday 29th August
Wes and Roger have a full day today. After an early start, they drive 1 1/2 hours west to Talwood, then back to Kioma and Westmar schools. Then they have about a 5 hour drive home. Pray that they will stay fresh in their presentations and alert for the drive home.

Friday 30th August
Today Wes will have unpacking to do, office work to catch up on and final preparation for speaking at a Fathers’ Day service on Sunday, while Roger will have plenty of “catch-up” work at home. Pray for them in these more mundane aspects of life. Pray too for the ongoing impact of the message in the lives of the kids they have visited in the last 2 weeks.

Saturday 31st August – Sunday 1st September
Pray for Wes as he speaks to both kids and adults at a special Fathers’ Day service at Wynnum Community Church.

Monday 2nd – Tuesday 3rd Sept
Wes will take some time off this week. On Tuesday afternoon he will meet with a team working on curriculum planning for kids ministry next year.

Wednesday 4th – Friday 6th Sept
Pray for Wes as he prepares for a training day at Highfields on Saturday and more training events coming up in the next few months.

Saturday 7th Sept
Pray for Wes as he leads a training day at Highfields (outside Toowoomba) today. Pray that the people attending will be encouraged and equipped to minister more effectively.

Sunday 8th – Saturday 14th Sept
Please pray for the OAC staff in other branches around Australia and overseas. Remember Wes and Di as they prepare for the Charleville holiday program coming up in 2 weeks.

Sunday 15th – Friday 20th Sept
This week we will be doing final preparation and packing for Charleville, plus taking some days off. The RENEW committee meets on Wednesday for planning of an R.E. teachers’ training day in November.

Saturday21st – Sunday 22nd Sept
Pray for Wes, Di & the team as they travel to Charleville and meet on Sunday with the local team to be ready for this week’s holiday program.

Monday 23rd – Friday 27th Sept
Pray for the team as they run a holiday program with the local churches in Charleville this week. Pray for good attendance, for the team to build good relationships with the kids, but above all for the gospel message to be presented clearly and for the kids to understand and respond. Remember to pray too for the families of the kids who attend, and for the ongoing ministry of the churches in Charleville. Pray for a good attendance at the family night at the end of the week.

Sun 29th Sep – Sun 6th Oct
The Fittells will take some leave this week. Pray that this will be a refreshing and renewing time for them.

Thankyou for praying! Your prayers are an important part of our ministry.

Future Program
Oct 12     Sunshine Coast Training Day
Oct 27     Ipswich kids’ presentation
Nov 9     RENEW training conference
Nov 19 – Dec 11     Christmas school presentations