Throughout the school year OAC Ministries’ teams conduct special scripture programs at the invitation of the scripture teachers, Conveners and Field Staff. These presentations can be used to complement existing scripture programs or as standalone presentations for schools that have no existing scripture teaching.

Captivating, enjoyable programs are presented using a variety of creative teaching methods including the use of puppets, puzzles, games, creative storytelling, object lessons, and multimedia.

OAC Ministries does not receive government assistance and does not charge for its services. Donations towards the cost of travel and program resources are gratefully received and acknowledge.

OAC Ministries staff are experienced at working with groups larger than regular class sizes. Combined group sessions are preferable to individual class programs. The team endeavors to involve children from each age group as much as possible.

Programs are usually between 30-45 minutes in duration depending on the time allocated by the school. The team is flexible and adaptable in its programming.