South Australia

Introducing the staff of SA Branch of OAC Ministries

Rob George

I love preaching in the open air to large, attentive crowds, as sometimes (but certainly not always) happens in various countries. Once, in Kenya, at a night film meeting with over 400 people there, you could have heard a pin drop! The “holy hush” as some have described it. Most recently this occurred for me in Lima, Peru with over 200 at an afternoon meeting.

Great visuals enliven any presentation. The fluorescent light and paints for night open airs is especially good, as is an intriguing magic trick that packs a powerful message. Also, knowing your audience, to adapt the presentation to their level of understanding.

V-Team (Volunteers)

We also have a group of brilliant volunteers who conduct school programs, and outreach programs in holiday parks. Our staff help, organise, and train, but these outreaches couldn’t happen without the V-Team!

The word LOVE is a key for OAC Ministries.
The Great Commission and the Great Commandment go hand-in-hand:
Lost – the devil has tried to minimise the fact of judgement from the very beginning (“You shall not die!”) It is not a popular doctrine but it is a truth that cannot be forgotten.
Obey – Just as an army captain expects obedience, not just belief, so we are commanded, more than once to “Go!” (“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news.”)
Value – “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?” Consider the price that was paid for that soul, the life-blood of the Son of God!
Eternity – yes, eternity hangs in the balance! A rich man once told me that he wants to impact history for 1,000 years after he dies. My aim is to impact eternity!
Love is our message, our method, and our manner! 

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Contact Us

Rob: 0414 839 708
Postal Address: C/- PO Box 4499, Doncaster Heights VIC 3109